The Tulip Carpet and the Art of Ebru

Last week we announced the Annual Istanbul Tulip Festival, and we received many positive comments from you. So this week, we decided to play tourist and visit some of the Tulip Festival events in Sultanahmet to give you a taste of the Festival itself.  Mostly, we wanted to see the Tulip Carpet, billed as the largest Tulip Carpet in the world.

The Largest Tulip Carpet of the World!


YES, this carpet is designed with real tulips! And yes, it is fantastic! It is located in Sultanahmet Square, just in front of Hagia Sophia. Locals and tourists climb up the ladder and take lots of selfies and pictures of the tulip carpet from above. The carpet is made of 545.000 tulips, all in little black pots.  And, since the life span of tulips is really short, the tulips are replaced with fresh tulips every week. This is one of the best times to visit Istanbul but hurry up, because the carpet will only be here till the end of April!





Traditional Turkish Music


Concerts of traditional Turkish music take place in Sultanahmet Square everyday until the end of April.  You can watch two ‘tulips’ dance to the music, or shop for tulip-themed gifts for your loved ones. You can even participate in a traditional Turkish Watermarbling Art Workshop. The concerts start at 11am everyday and the workshops cost only 10 TL (about $3.50).  Whatever you make would be an authentic and personalized gift for family and friends.



Ebru Art (Traditional Turkish WaterMarbling Art)

Ebru technique consists of sprinkling colored ink on to the surface of either plain water or a viscous solution. By carefully laying paper over the liquid, the picture floating on top of the surface is transferred to the paper.  Thus, each Ebru is as unique as a fingerprint. To obtain beautiful Ebru results, one needs to have a light hand, an artistic eye, and a mind open to the unexpected patterns that form on the solution. Patience and knowledge of traditional culture are characteristic of Ebru masters.

Ebru is usually associated with flower motives, especially tulip motives. Some examples of classical Ebru motives:




draw 2.jpg

The Blue Mosque pattern:


The basic tools to start your Ebru journey: Colors, brushes and some water

marbling_ebru_lesson_istanbul4.jpg marbling_ebru_lesson_istanbul6.jpg

We hope you have the chance to visit Turkey just in time to experience this amazing festival and have some hands-on experience with Ebru! Good luck!



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