Peaceful Gardens, Peaceful Humanity

As the weather gets warmer each day, festivals keep popping up everywhere. This week we will introduce you to a festival that is in the center of Istanbul: Besiktas.

Besiktas is known as the most green area of Istanbul. There are countless parks, recreation areas and green spaces in every corner. For this reason, the Besiktas municipality wanted to note the arrival of spring with the International Garden and Flower Festival.

The International Garden and Flower Festival is May 6-15.  It will take place all around Besiktas: the center (meydan), parks, gardens and streets. The theme is “to make peace” (Barismak).  The aim is to use public areas to promote the urban culture of Istanbul.  It also will feature gardening, raising flowers at home, reconnecting people with nature.

The Festival will host workshops on sustainable living and green design and an Ecology vs Ego Exhibition. Festival events will include a Peace Parade, a Fashion Show, Poetry readings, Yoga Sessions, Open Air Classes for Children and Adults, Open Air Cinema and Concerts.

The participation in the events is free of charge. Don’t miss out ☺

Below are some pictures from last year’s International Garden and Flower Festival.


Make peace not war


A creative way of reusing an old car


Open Air Cinema


A yoga meditation

30 (2).jpg

An art installation



“For peace, a branch of tree is enough”


An art installation


One of many plant vendors


The peace parade

For more information on the event schedule, check out the link below.


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