Music, Contemporary Art, Gastronomy, Outdoor. If you are interested in at least one of these themes, we have good news for you! A unique festival is being held in Cappadocia nowadays, its called Cappadox and it is out of this world!

Cappadox 2016 sets out with the theme “Let us cultivate our garden” and considers Cappadocia as a collective heritage in which new “seeds” have been planted through art, culture and experience based activities.

Sunrise Concerts


The sunrise concerts take place on the plateau that overlooks the Red Valley. With a background of rising hot-air balloons and first hues of the sunlight, its a must-have experience!

Full Moon Special


Meet up in a moon-lit night in the Red Valley and enjoy the mystical sounds of the night together!

Nature Walks & Silent Walk


Whether you would like to enjoy a walk by yourselves or with a group of friends, trekking activities across the extra-terrestrial landscape of Cappadocia provides participants with a chance to discover routes exclusively prepared for Cappadox, while enjoying pop-up nature concerts and country picnics along the way.

Walley Run & Cycle


Would you like to test your own limits? Try to run or cycle the valleys of Cappadocia end to end, the narrow passages, steep hills and demanding downslopes!

Yoga & Meditation


The yoga & meditation sessions at dawn and dusk will help you replenish the energy you lost while trekking / running / cycling.

Gourmet Tasting and Picnic at the Miskender Valley


Time to try the delicacies of Cappadocia and regional Turkey. Cappadox Gastronomy aims to refine, diversify and renew both the finesses of flavours added to Cappadocia’s cuisine by various ancient civilizations while bringing to light cooking practices popular in the region today.

“Let Us Cultivate Our Garden”



In line with the idea of cultivation, you can join in the contemporary art workshops and talks and you can create your own art installations and projects!

Last Night at Cappadox


We get together in the Fairy Poets Valley to celebrate the last night of Cappadox with a huge party!

To find out more about Cappadox, visit:









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